Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl

2.13: Investigating Social Justice: Is "righteousness" tied to pursing justice?

February 11, 2022 Tiffany Dawn Season 2 Episode 13
Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl
2.13: Investigating Social Justice: Is "righteousness" tied to pursing justice?
Show Notes

Sponsored by Faithful Counseling: http://faithfulcounseling.com/tiffanydawn - Today we're talking with Mike McDonald of The Bible Project about social justice! What does the word "righteous" actually mean, and how is it tied to justice? (This word study changes everything!!) How is bad theology hurting our approach to justice? What is biblical vs social justice? (Is there even a difference?) SO EXCITED about this episode!! Welcome back to the "Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl" podcast! XOXO, Tiffany

Q1: Why do you think social justice can be such a controversial topic in some Christian circles?  (And what is the church history behind this “controversy”?) (@1:38)

Q2: Why do you think social justice is sometimes pegged as a liberal issue in churches? (@5:40)

Q3: What is the fruit of a Christianity where you neglect the social justice aspect of our faith? (@8:15)

Q4: Why are we quick to split up the social justice vs. the spiritual disciplines? (And how does our heaven and earth theology play into this?) (@11:00)

Q5: Where does this biblical understanding of justice begin? Why is it so important to God? (@14:05)

Q6: What is the difference between “biblical justice” and “social justice”? (@17:35)

Q7: What are the original words for righteousness and justice? How do they work together? (@19:55)

Q8: How do we practically make a difference? (@23:45)

Q9: How do we figure out self-care boundaries in our approach to justice? (@27:25)

Q10: Why is it so difficult to accept we’ve been a part of the problem? What does repentance look like as a passive participant in the problem?  (@30:20)

Q11: How can we use our voices for justice? (@34:21)


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