Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl

2.14: Investigating Evangelism: Should it look different?

February 18, 2022 Tiffany Dawn Season 2 Episode 14
Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl
2.14: Investigating Evangelism: Should it look different?
Show Notes

Today we're talking with Carlos Rodríguez about if our approach to evangelism needs to change. We're also talking about a bunch of hot topics in social justice and about finding Jesus in deconstruction!! SO EXCITED about this episode!! It is so thought-provoking and a different perspective than I ever heard growing up. Welcome back to the "Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl" podcast! XOXO, Tiffany

Q1: Would you tell us a little of your personal journey with social justice and Christianity? And what has been the fruit (good or bad) of that approach? (@4:18)

Q2: What have you observed about conservative Christian approaches toward social justice? What is the fruit of the approach? (@6:11)

Q3: Does God have a preference for the poor? And is that the best thing He can also do for the rich? (@12:48)

Q4. How, if at all, does this understanding of social justice change the way we view evangelism? If so, what changes should we be making as the church? (@14:12)

Q5: Let’s take a side bar here. Is deconstruction biblical? Did Jesus teach it? (@15:07) 

Q6: Have our mission trips been evangelization or colonization, or both? (@16:26)

Q7: Is it okay to question everything? Will we find Jesus there? (@17:51)

Q8: Growing up we emphasized the salvation of souls over the physical bodies of people. What are your thoughts on that? (@21:36)

Q9: I want to dive into a couple hot topic social justice issues with you. The first one is racial justice. (@27:10)

Q10: On a similar note, would you talk with us about Christian Nationalism? (@33:32)

Q11: What do you think it means to be pro life? Is our version of pro life biblical? (And can we talk about identity politics?) (@37:51)

Q12: What does the Bible teach us about political parties? Would Jesus want us to only vote Republican? (@45:06)

Q13: What do you think is the most important takeaway for my listeners? (Spoiler: It’s about deconstruction!) (@51:12)

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