Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl

2.5: Investigating LGBTQ+: Is there only one biblical perspective?

October 29, 2021 Tiffany Dawn Season 2 Episode 5
Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl
2.5: Investigating LGBTQ+: Is there only one biblical perspective?
Show Notes

Let's dive into part 5 of "Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl!" Today we're talking with Matthew Vines, author of "God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case for Same Sex Relationships." Here are the questions we'll be talking about:

1. What did you used to believe it meant to honor God with your sexuality? (@4:05)
2. What was the fruit of seeing sexuality that way? (@13:10)
3. Would you tell us about how you approach the Bible? (@16:05)
4. Would you tell us why you wrote "God and the Gay Christian"? (@20:13)
5. What would the words for "homosexuality" have meant to Bible readers in the early church? What did "homosexual behavior" look like at that time in history? (@26:43)
6. Let's talk about the Bible passage that I used to think ended any conversation on homosexuality: Romans 1. Would you give us just an overview of what your Bible study has revealed about this passage? What about that word "unnatural"? (@34:15)
7. What is Scripture's trajectory with gender roles? (@37:45)
8. Let's go back to Romans 1! What was same sex behavior commonly associated with at that time? (@40:56)
9. So what about the option of celibacy? (@45:07)
10. What about other sexual orientations and gender identities? (@47:23)
11. Would you tell us more about The Reformation Project and the resources you offer for those who want to learn more? (@49:56)

Come back next week as James and I debrief this episode and talk about our personal thoughts on this topic!

Love you all! Thank you for your courage to go through this Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl series with me!
XOXO, Tiffany

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