Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl

2.9: Mental Health: That deconstruction-induced anxiety + healing from church hurt

January 14, 2022 Tiffany Dawn Season 2 Episode 9
Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl
2.9: Mental Health: That deconstruction-induced anxiety + healing from church hurt
Show Notes

Sponsored by Faithful Counseling: http://faithfulcounseling.com/tiffanydawn - Deconstructing your faith can be REALLY hard on your mental health. So today we're talking with Brittney Moses, host of The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast, about mental health during deconstruction, recognizing spiritual manipulation, healing from church hurt, finding a healthy community, and SO MUCH MORE! Welcome back to Episode 9 of "Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl" podcast!

Q1: When you were younger, what was your approach to mental health as a Christian? And what was the fruit (good or bad) of that approach? (@3:20)

Q2: How does growing up in a fundamental or legalistic faith tradition affect our mental health? (@7:42)

Q3: How can we recognize if our approach to spirituality is healthy or unhealthy? (@15:17)

Q4: Many of my listeners are deconstructing at least some parts of their faith right now, and I know firsthand that can be extremely stressful and anxiety-provoking. Why is deconstruction so hard on our mental health? Is this a common experience? (@21:52)

Q5: What red flags should we look for to see if we're being manipulated or gaslighted? And how do we respond if we think that's happening to us? (@29:12)

Q6: What should we do if we’re in a toxic church situation? (@34:22)

Q7: How do we recognize a healthy church? (@38:54)

Q8: How do we heal from church hurts? (@41:42)

Q9: I loved your IG reel: "Things I thought were holy that were actually unhealthy." Would you share a few of these with us, and some steps we can take to become healthier in these areas? (@46:53)

Q10: There’s sadly still such a stigma around mental health in some church circles. So how has your study of the Bible AND psychology led you to view mental health as a Christian? (@53:00)

Q11: You've put together some really thoughtful resources for Christians wrestling with mental health. Would you tell us about your resources and where we can find them? (@59:11)

⭐️GRACE (for reporting and investigating church abuse concerns) -https://www.netgrace.org
⭐️Brittney's website with resources: https://brittneyamoses.com
⭐️Brittney's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brittneymoses/
⭐️Pre order Brittney's book: https://tinyurl.com/brittneybook
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